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Loan Payoff Information

AMTS represent many lenders in the payoff of their customers’ cooperative and mortgage loans. We are committed to providing the best service possible. This includes making it possible for you to access information about your file at any time of the day or night. The information contained in each payoff file is confidential. Therefore, in order to maintain your privacy, the information can only be accessed by entering two unique codes. They are:

Your Loan Number

This is the mortgage account number presently assigned to your mortgage loan by your existing lender. You can find it on the coupon book or the monthly statement your lender sends you. If you are not sure what your loan number is, please contact your lender's customer service department or the AMTS Payoff Department.

Your Password

This is a unique number assigned to your file by our office which enables you to have secure, confidential access to your file information. The Password may contain an asterisk (*), a minus sign (-), a decimal point (.), or a number sign (#). The password is sensitive to these symbols. Therefore, you must enter your Password exactly as it is shown on the Password Letter you will receive in the mail.

Your Mortgage Loan Information

We are the first law firm in the world to provide the mortgage customers of our bank
clients with confidential and protected access to information about their loan file.

You can enter the loan number and password in the box to the right, or go to our Payoff File info page and learn more about this valuable service.

Payoff File Login

Loan Number


telephone (212) 353-0040
fax (212) 505-8652

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